Telemedicine for Pain Management

There is no one size fits all approach for pain management. You will have an individual assessment and a program will be designed uniquely suited for you. We use pain medications in combination with other methods to ensure best and long lasting success.
We offer a broad based medical approach to pain management via a virtual platform and telemedicine. With us, you can receive treatment for your pain from anywhere in the United States.
Our medical team will evaluate and treat you with leading medical therapies including pain medications. We can prescribe the correct pills and medications to ease your pain.
We accept most insurance plans and offer special low rates to new patients.
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Telemedicine for Addiction Medicine

With our virtual and telemedicine opioid addiction treatment program, individuals meet with our medical staff via video conferencing or telemedicine, not in a clinic or office. With treatment from anywhere, you can avoid wait lines, traffic and receive treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.
We prescribe and monitor medications that allow individuals to stop abusing opioids without powerful drug cravings or severe withdrawal symptoms. Our Physicians prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone). Patients will meet with their physician every two weeks virtually or through telemedicine to renew their prescriptions.
Suboxone is a medication commonly used to treat adults addicted to opioid drugs including heroin or prescription painkillers.
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