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At-home pain medication prescription (pain pills) and CBD products to your pharmacy or delivered to your home

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Telemedicine and Pain Management

We are one of the only pain management practices in the nation offering a stable and secure way to treat pain without in-office visits. With video conferencing platforms and telemedicine (phone, ipad, computer), you can obtain treatment for your pain from the comfort of your home or anywhere!

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Chronic Pain Medications

We offer medical pain management through a virtual platform and telemedicine from the comfort of your home. All medications can be delivered to your home or prescriptions sent to your pharmacy. No more doctor visits or waiting lines. We offer safe and comfortable pain management treatment wherever you are. We accept most insurances and offer special low rates for new patients.

Chronic Pain Medications

We are an established pain management practice helping patients who suffer with chronic pain take back control of their lives. Suffering with acute pain can make the simplest tasks an incredible struggle. We implement a treatment plan that allows you to resume your everyday tasks with comfort and confidence.

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There is no one size fits all approach for pain management.

After evaluation, a pain management program will be implemented based on your lifestyle and individual needs. We use prescription pain medications in combination with other methods to ensure best success.